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Oleh Ponomar, Facebook, 11.12.2017 


Maybe some of you aren't interested in this topic, but I feel very obligated to write about it. My friends, when we strongly needed faith, I wrote about Faith. When we strongly needed confidence, I wrote about Confidence. Today we strongly need more decisive reforms and I must write about them. 


So, the main focus of public discussion this week is the battle for a clear and open land market in Ukraine. 


I would like to respond to those who say that the moratorium has been extended for another year due to unresolved specific technicalities. 


Just to remind: Ukraine, according to the Memorandum with the IMF, was supposed to open the land market in May of this year. But Ukraine did not fulfill its promise, the same way it did not do so under the previous administrations. So technically, everything has been ready. The draft law mentioned by the Prime Minister and agreed by the IMF, is also ready. As well as the 99% of inventory registers. 


So if anyone is saying that the moratorium has been extended due to technicalities not being worked out, he is just tricking. That is precisely why not everything has been fully completed: to have an ability to extend the moratorium for another next year. Because if the inventory registers are finished (it may take a week to finish them), the land market would be forced to open up immediately. But the enthusiasm to open it is not there' and that creates a closed circle and a perfect excuse. 


What is needed? We need both a sense of historical responsibility and a political will. If we have them, we can finish all the technicalities within a week, by rendering the bill as urgent and so on. Everything can be done if there is a will for it. If you want to get things done - you find opportunities, and you don't – find excuses. 


I hope that our leaders, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, will take an initiative to influence the their pro-European parties in our Parliament. I also would like to see the MPs who have voted for the moratorium and who are capable (and obligated, in my opinion) of withdrawing their votes. They must remember, that the next election for our Parliament seats will most likely use open list ballots. And the voters will vote them out for their shameful votes, or simply move them to the bottom of the list. 


This is the type of pressure that is necessary to be put on the MPs in the next two weeks, all together — by the IMF, the World Bank, the EBRD, party leaders, civil society and public. Land slavery and serfdom must be ended today, not a year from now. It is right time to pour gas into the economy of Ukraine. It is right time to make structural reforms. Time does not wait.

Translated by Oliya Melnichuk

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