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Editorial, Radio Lemberg, 17.12.2017 


Dear readers in the E.U., in the U.S., in Canada and in Japan, 


Your governments and non-government organizations donate to many projects in Ukraine which have a positive and permanent influence on our society. Meanwhile, there are many local organizations and institutions which use your good name and your money, but they’re doing absolutely the wrong job. 


For example, checking on their activity in social networks you will find that many of these "independent media" and "anti-corruption NGOs" share nothing but unverified and biased information about Ukraine, often generated by Russia's propagandists. It sounds unbelievable but, for example, Radio Liberty in Ukrainian and Deutsche Welle in Ukrainian almost every day broadcast anti-Ukrainian, anti-European and anti-Atlanticist messages on their websites and via their accounts on social networks. Feel free to find all the tweets, searching for the #РосІнформВійна hashtag on Twitter, and open your eyes to the Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, etc. activities in this network. Their editors and journalists often manipulate their readers, listeners, and viewers, airing biased information to lead to distrust of Ukraine's leadership, loss of faith in Ukraine's future, and to follow many populists or even local Kremlin puppets. 


So-called "anti-corruption" non-governmental organizations (for example, AntAC — Anti-corruption Action Center and the like) instead of fighting against real corruption as they declare try to influence directly political developments in Ukraine. They are friendly to certain civic and even state entities, and defend them every time they break local laws. They cover events by fakes which attract attention to unverified information – disinformation, in fact – about the activities of Ukraine's top leaders. 


The above structures promote the idea that “the world is tired of Ukraine” within Ukrainian society. They violate ethical norms, principles of journalism, and neglect human values. 


Every second dollar of your grants has been laundered into black cash by those heads of "independent media" and "anti-corruption NGOs" — just check out their luxurious lifestyles and their real estate. Every time someone asks them to report their incomes, expenses and (un)paid taxes, they become very aggressive and abusive. 


Moreover, many Ukrainian "independent media" and "anti-corruption NGOs" were founded and are led by former and even present-day citizens of Russia and agents of Russia's special services. Please pay attention here — the anti-Ukrainian and anti-Western subversive activities of Russia's residents in Ukraine are often being sponsored by ... Western money! 


A handful of unprincipled people in Ukraine use your money for self-enrichment, for serving the interests of Russia, and they ignore your high goals of democratization and education of Ukrainian society. In addition, the information platforms created by them are used for conducting hybrid information war against Ukraine, the rest of Europe and the United States. 


Taking into account that for the maintenance of these organizations the money of western taxpayers is used practically in vain, we address to you these requests: 


- to consider issues related to conducting financial and information audits;
- to work out the mechanism of returning your expenses in case facts are revealed of the non-fulfillment of accepted obligations;
- to report results to the Ukrainian public (e.g. via social networks);
- to stipulate in future agreements (or to include in present agreements) the requirement for public reporting to the grantees twice a year on the directions of activity, on the achievement of results, about financial expenses, and about the payment of taxes on received funds. 


For us, honour, truth and justice are above all.


Thank you in advance.


Radio Lemberg, Editorial Board

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