Money sent home by Ukrainians working abroad totaled $5.5 billion during the first half of this year, up 31% year over year. For the 12 months ending in June, Ukrainians sent home $11 billion, the National Bank of Ukraine calculated. This is 10% of Ukraine’s $112 billion GDP.
Written on K2_WedPMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21539163143PM
The bank, nationalized in 2016, is holding a competition among Ukrainian and international companies. Privatbank has set a minimum $37M price for its share of the Radisson Blue Resort Bukovel hotel, and a minimum $78M price for its share of the Bukovel ski resort.
Written on K2_TuePMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21539076173PM
The $280M bridge from Orlivka (Ukraine) to Isaccea (Romania) would cut 2 hours off the drive from Odesa to Turkey and would be part of the European E87 highway. On Friday, President Poroshenko of Ukraine and PM Borisov of Bulgaria inspected repairs on the Odesa-Reni stretch of the road. With upgrades on this 320 km highway nearly complete, the freight traffic on it has increased significantly, and the new bridge would increase it tenfold,
Written on K2_MonPMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21538990064PM
CMEC (China Machinery Engineering Corporation) and DTEK broke ground a 200 MW, 400 ha, $265M solar farm near Nikopol. In six months it would be Europe’s second largest, after France’s Cestas 300 MW solar station. Financed by DTEK and CMEC, it will use equipment from Chinese companies: Seraphim Solar System and Trina Solar will provide 750,000 solar panels, and Shenzhen Kstar Science & Technology will supply 80 inverter stations.
Written on K2_MonPMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21538989223PM
On October 3, the U.S. Senate passed by unanimous consent S. Res.435, a resolution commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide (Holodomor) of 1932-1933. The resolution recognizes the findings of the 1988 Commission on the Ukraine Famine that expressly states “Joseph Stalin and those around him committed genocide against the Ukrainians in 1932–1933.”
Written on K2_FriPMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21538730260PM
World Bank predicts Ukraine’s economy will grow by 3.3% this year, and possibly by 4% next year, according to Faruk Khan, the Bank’s lead economist for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Without an IMF accord this fall, growth could tumble to 2% next year, he told reporters on October 4.
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_October+0300ROctAMEEST_0C21538723202AM
The starting auction price for the state’s 78% of shares in Centrenergo will be $212 million, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on October 3. Located in central and eastern Ukraine, Centrenergo saw its electricity production drop by 36% due to the cut off anthracite coal from the Russia-occupied part of the Donbas. With alternative coal sources in place, the company is seeing electricity production bounce back this year.
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_October+0300ROctAMEEST_0C21538722542AM
The leading candidate European energy company to run Ukraine’s massive gas transportation system should be reviewed by the Rada in the first half of 2019, Andriy Kobolev, Naftogaz CEO, said. With Russia’s gas supply transit contract with Ukraine due to expire at the end of 2019, EU officials have urged the government to form an international consortium as soon as possible.  
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_October+0300ROctAMEEST_0C21538721861AM
У 1970-х ЦРУ оголосило полювання на ямайського музиканта Боба Марлі, регі-композитора, "пророка" растафаріанства та одного з найактивніших прихильників панафриканізму - ідейно-політичного руху, який вимагав надання чорношкірим рівних політичних прав у США. Офіційно, 36-річний Марлі помер 1981 року від раку, та насправді співака було усунуто спецагентом. Про це на смертному одрі журналістам вперше за 40 років розповів колишній агент ЦРУ, Білл
Written on K2_WedAMEESTE_August+0300RAugAMEEST_0C21535528035AM
Договір про дружбу, співпрацю і партнерство між Україною і Московією підписано 31.05.1997 в Києві. Сторони зобов'язувалися, зокрема "поважати територіальну цілісність та суверенітет" одна одної та "підтверджували непорушність кордонів". З вини Москви вже давно став анахронізмом. Президент України заявив, що до кінця вересня очікує від МЗС України пакет документів для його припинення.
Written on K2_WedAMEESTE_August+0300RAugAMEEST_0C21535526977AM
Ukraine's MPs has adopted the Law on National Security in the second reading, with 248 voices yeah (17 voices nay). Solidarity, People's Front, Selfreliance and Fatherland factions supported the law, Opposition Bloc opponed, and Radicals, Renaissance and People's Will abstainted. 30 minutes later, Rada has also adopted another important law on High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) with 265 voices yeah (only Opposition Bloc and Radicals abstainted).
Written on K2_ThuPMEESTE_June+0300RJunPMEEST_0C21529581821PM
Verkhovna Rada voted 317 'yeah' for the Law on the Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine, only with pro-Russian Opposition Bloc voting 'nay' and Lyashko's populist Radical Party abstainting. Both the Venice Commission and the IMF supported the law. Besides, Verkhovna Rada fired Oleksandr Danylyuk, Finance Minister of Ukraine.
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_June+0300RJunAMEEST_0C21528440138AM
Ukraine's parliament voted 268 MP's in favor of President's appeal to the Constantinople Patriarch for full independence of united Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Poroshenko said that it was a big mistake to found Moscow itself hundreds years ago by Kyivan knights. Only "Opposition bloc", a Moscow-led political party voted nay, while "Vidrodzhennia" (Renaissance) abstented.
Written on K2_ThuPMEESTE_April+0300RAprPMEEST_0C21524131331PM
After visiting Istanbul on April 9, president Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine has announced on April 17 that both Ukrainian Orthodox Churches are ready to unite in one, and Constantinople would grant it full independence (autocephaly) during this Summer. Poroshenko has called on members of Ukrainian parliament to back this initiative as soon as possible.
Written on K2_TuePMEESTE_April+0300RAprPMEEST_0C21523970283PM
Business and tourist e-visas are available (processing time up to 9 business days) on http://evisa.mfa.gov.ua for citizens of: Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Bhutan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Fiji, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Laos, Mauritius, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand,
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Naftogaz of Ukraine succeeded on its claim for damages for underdeliveries in Transit Arbitration with Gazprom. Naftogaz was awarded damages of $4.63B for Gazprom's failure to deliver the agreed transit gas volumes. Now, following the awards in two gas Arbitrations, Gazprom has to make a net payment of $2.56B to Naftogaz
Written on K2_WedPMEETE_February+0200RFebPMEET_0C21519847900PM
The UK, the US and Australia have officially blamed Russia for cyber attack in June 2017. They say the Russian military was directly behind the 'NotPetya' ransomware attack on Ukraine that quickly spread across Europe and other countries.
Written on K2_FriAMEETE_February+0200RFebAMEET_0C21518763970AM
Mikheil Saakashvili, a former president of Republic of Georgia, has been re-admitted back to Poland from Ukraine on 12 February 2018, after he was stripped off his Ukrainian citizenship (granted by president Poroshenko in the Spring of 2016) in the Summer of 2017, and later had illegally crossed over the state Polish-Ukrainian border in the Autumn of 2017.
Written on K2_MonPMEETE_February+0200RFebPMEET_0C21518458918PM
Ukraine's government has finally fired Roman Nasirov, a head of State Tax Service, and has asked president of Ukraine to fire Roman Romanov, a head of Ukroboronprom state company, at today's session. Both persons have being suspected in corruption in their activities. 
Written on K2_WedPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21517414496PM
Ukraine's SRCIT National Commission has sold all eight ranges (10 MHz each) of 2600 MHz frequencies to three main Ukraine's mobile carriers, Lifecell, Kyivstar and Vodafone, for ₴2,5 bln in total (ca. $90 mln). Next tender, on 1800 MHz free frequencies, to be held in March.
Written on K2_WedPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21517413553PM
Since 1 January 2018 you may bring free goods to Ukraine across the state border weighting up to 50 kg and worth up to €500 (€1000 via airplane) if you were absent in Ukraine more than 24 hours and it was 72 hours ago. If not — then goods worth only up to €50 are permitted to bring free. Since 2019 the new rule for international mail will apply — you may get free only three packages a month worth €150 each.
Written on K2_WedPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21515598689PM
President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine told yesterday, that Ukraine deliberately hasn't free terrorists and military servicemen which have Russia's citizenship. All of them could be exchanged only for Ukrainian prisoners of conscience (Sentsov, Sushchenko, Kolchenko, etc) who are being held in Russia's jails from Caucasus to Siberia.
Written on K2_ThuPMEETE_December+0200RDecPMEET_0C21514466973PM
On December 27, Ukraine returned back its 73 prisoners of war from jails in Russia's occupied Donbas in exchange of 233 local criminals and terrorists. Only one woman refused to come back to Ukraine, while another 73 criminals (from 306 planned) refused to go to occupied Donbas. The next stage of 29/74 exchange is being planned for January.
Written on K2_ThuPMEETE_December+0200RDecPMEET_0C21514465214PM
South Korean giant Hyundai will sell its Kona electrical crossover since 2018 in Ukraine. The car can go up to 350 km after full charging. The crossover will cost €35,000 on the local market. Now you may buy only unofficial  Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV і Tesla Model X electrical cars there.
Written on K2_SunAMEETE_December+0200RDecAMEET_0C21514099539AM
Норвегія стала першою країною в світі, у якій повністю зникло аналогове FM-радіо — країна перейшла на цифру ще в січні цього року, а напередодні на цифрове аудіомовлення (DAB) перевели і найпівнічніші райони країни та архіпелаг Свальбард в Арктиці. Цифрове радіо - це кращий звук і увосьмеро дешевше.  
Written on K2_SunAMEETE_December+0200RDecAMEET_0C21513488283AM
Верховна Рада обмежила безмитне ввезення товарів вартістю до €500 (літаком до €500) і вагою до 50 кг якщо особа в'їждає до країни не частіше одного разу на три доби, а час її відсутності в Україні перевищує 24 години. Якщо особа в'їжджає частіше — безмитним є товар вартістю лише до €50. Від 2019 року податком обкладатимуть товари в міжнародних поштових та експрес-відправленнях (крім перших трьох посилок щомісяця
Written on K2_FriPMEETE_December+0200RDecPMEET_0C21512734475PM
Загальний прожитковий мінімум збільшено до ₴1700 (+₴76) на одну особу на місяць; прожитковий мінімум для дітей 0-6 років до ₴1492 (+₴66); для дітей 6-18 років до ₴1860 (+₴83); для працездатних осіб до ₴1762 (+₴78); для непрацездатних осіб до ₴1373 (+₴61).  
Written on K2_FriAMEETE_December+0200RDecAMEET_0C21512119238AM
В липні 2017 Apple показала програмне середовище Core ML (Machine Learning) для розробки моделей машинного навчання для всіх своїх платформ (iOS, macOS, tvOS і watchOS), і подала заявки до США, Европи та Гонконгу на реєстрацію спеціального товарного знаку "машинне навчання".  
Written on K2_SunAMEETE_November+0200RNovAMEET_0C21511674471AM
Livraria Lello – це португальский книжковий магазин в місті Порту, котрий з 2013 року внесено до списку пам'ятників історії та архітектури. За версією видання Lonely Planet, спеціалізованого на путівниках, цей книжковий рай – найкрасивіший в Европі і третій за красою у світі.
Written on K2_WedPMEETE_November+0200RNovPMEET_0C21511356291PM
У держбюджет 2018 закладено: дохід ₴877 млрд, видатки ₴948 млрд (ріст на 13%), ВВП ₴2575 млрд (ріст на 3%), інфляція 7%, курс долара 29,3, мінімальна зарплата ₴3723 (ріст на 16%). Проти голосували Опоблок, Самопоміч і всі "еврооптимісти". Друге читання пройде до кінця листопада.
Written on K2_WedAMEETE_November+0200RNovAMEET_0C21510732134AM
У Верховній Раді зареєстровано законопроект, що пропонує до 31.12.2022 звільнити від ПДВ операції з імпорту та надання в оренду транспортних засобів, оснащених виключно електричними двигунами, а також обладнати мінімум 5% всіх паркувальних місць пристроями для їхньої оплачувальної зарядки.
Written on K2_FriAMEETE_November+0200RNovAMEET_0C21509689318AM
27-річного Омара бін Султана призначено першим у світі міністром у справах штучного інтелекту. Створення такого міністерства є частиною стратегії ОАЕ з очолення глобальної технологічної революції і колонізації Марсу з 2117 року. Мета міністерства — підвищення ефективності роботи уряду й інвестування у штучний інтелект.
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_October+0300ROctAMEEST_0C21508446925AM
Apple вибрала місце під кіностудію. Компанія з 2018 року орендуватиме ділянку 7500 кв.м., неподалік офісу Apple Music за $3,83 млн на рік. Там буде кіностудія для зйомки власних теле- та відопродуктів. Зараз Apple пропонує лише телешоу Planet of the Apps, «Карпул караоке» і кілька документальних фільмів про музикантів.
Written on K2_FriPMEESTE_October+0300ROctPMEEST_0C21507885735PM
Apple представила нові моделі iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus і iPhone X зовсім недавно - 12 вересня і вже за 10 днів вона встигла втратити в вартості $ 50 млрд. Її ринкова капіталізація знизилася з $ 834,9 млрд до $ 782,5 млрд. На загальній картині по ринку це не відбилося, капіталізація Apple навіть після падіння перевищує вартість холдингу Alphabet майже на $ 100 млрд.
Written on K2_MonAMEESTE_September+0300RSepAMEEST_0C21506315071AM
Депутати Европарламенту підтримали проект Еврокомісії WIFI4EU зі створення та експлуатації до 2020 року мережі безкоштовного Wі-Fі в громадських місцях, на транспорті, в парках, школах, лікарнях на території країн Евросоюзу загальною вартістю €120 мільйонів.  
Written on K2_WedAMEESTE_September+0300RSepAMEEST_0C21505288827AM
Найбільший продавець електроніки та програмного забезпечення в США, компанія Best Buy, виводить з продажу всю продукцію "Лабораторії Касперського" і в магазинах і в інтернеті через співпрацю фірми з Кремлем.
Written on K2_SunAMEESTE_September+0300RSepAMEEST_0C21505022572AM
Порошенко: 01.09.2017 набуває чинності Угода про асоціацію між Україною та ЕС, від 03.01.2016 діє Зона вільної торгівлі з ЕС. За перші півроку 2017 торгівля України з ЕС зросла на 22%. Майже 40% українського експорту-імпорту припадає саме на ЕС. Відбулася історична зміна географічної структури нашого експорту у бік ЕС. Це незворотні процеси інтеграції нашої економіки до ринку ЕС.
Written on K2_FriAMEESTE_September+0300RSepAMEEST_0C21504245646AM
До альманаху ввійшли думки Івана Дзюби, Юрія Андруховича, Богдана Бенюка, Юрія Винничука, Володимира В’ятровича, Дмитра Горбачова, Юрія Журавля, Оксани Забужко, Левка Лук’яненка, Івана Малковича, Леся Подерв’янського, Ади Роговцевої, Івана Семесюка та інших непересічних українців. Джерело
Written on K2_SatAMEESTE_August+0300RAugAMEEST_0C21503728579AM
Трамп оголосив, що США відправлять до Афґаністану ще 4000 вояків. Наразі там перебуває 8400 вояків США та 5000 вояків з країн та партнерів НАТО. Рішення про це Трамп прийняв ще 19 серпня після зустрічі у своїй резиденції Кемп-Девід з американськими генералами і воєначальниками.  
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«Арсеній Яценюк та Інна Авакова стали співвласниками ТОВ «Астра фінанс», якому належить 100% ТОВ «Голдберрі» – юридичної особи телеканалу «Еспресо».Частки партнерів у ТОВ «Астра фінанс» розподілені таким чином: Інна Авакова – 40% (56 800 грн), Арсеній Яценюк – 30% (42 600 грн), Лариса Княжицька – 30% (42 600 грн). Усі вони, відповідно, є кінцевими бенефіціарами
Written on K2_ThuAMEESTE_August+0300RAugAMEEST_0C21502943877AM
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 20.01.2019     Where Russian invaders go, looting follows. After the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in February-March 2014, the Muscovite occupiers in Crimea began to haul away the cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine en masse. Since then, the Russian Federation has pilfered at least a million archaeological artifacts.   A Ukrainian government department administers the affairs of Ukrainian land that has been occupied and Ukrainian citizens who have been made homeless by the Russian invaders. The Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Person of Ukraine stated that, at a minimum, one million artifacts of archaeological importance have been transported from Crimea, Ukraine to the Russian Federation.   Ukraine has introduced sanctions against the Russians who are responsible for committing vandalism against the cultural heritage of Europe. Russian archaeologists who illegally carry out excavations in occupied Crimea should carry the stigma of being unworthy of their profession for the destruction that they wreak. On 18 December 2018, Ukraine listed 23 people due to their illegal archaeological exploration of cultural heritage sites or “participation in activities aimed at legitimizing the illegal occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol.”   The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has launched a world-wide effort to name-and-shame the Russian vandals. Appeals have been made to UNESCO, for example concerning the deliberate neglect by the Russian occupation authorities of the Khan’s Palace in Bakhchysarai, Crimea, Ukraine. While persecuting the Crimean Tatars, the foreigners from Muscovy are desecrating the only example of Crimean Tatar architecture in the world. The Russian Federation’s behaviour in occupied Crimea is incompatible with its membership in UNESCO.   After invading and occupying part of Ukraine in 2014, the Russian Federation
Written on K2_SunPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21547982698PM
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 19.01.2019    In Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine, Germany wants the innocent victim, Ukraine, to “de-escalate.” Germany’s foreign minister made this astonishing assertion in Kyiv on January 18.   The Russian Federation has been waging war against Ukraine for almost 5 years and launched a purposeful and unprovoked attack on the Ukrainian Navy on 25 November 2018. In a shocking statement, German foreign minister Heiko Maas said: “All sides must contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict.” Instead of coming to the aid of Ukraine, Germany appeases the Russian aggressor with moral equivalency. The German government does nothing to stop Putin’s War, but instead lectures the victim of that war to “contribute” to making it magically disappear.   Heiko Maas made his insulting remarks in Kyiv after he had spent the day in Moscow appeasing the invader of Ukraine in the form of Russian Federation foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.   It seems that Heiko Maas made a proposal to the Russian side for an international commission to monitor the Kerch Strait. This commission is suggested to include German, French, and Ukrainian experts. Sergey Lavrov dismissed the involvement of Ukraine out-of-hand. He did so despite the fact that the Kerch Strait lies between the Russian Federation and Ukraine and despite the Agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on Cooperation in the Use of the Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait which was adopted by both countries on 24 December 2003.   Top Kremlin silovik Vladimir Putin refuses to talk to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the Kerch Strait attack or about the Minsk Agreement or about anything. Putin’s policy of endless delay is encouraged by Germany, which never presses the Russian Federation to meet its obligations with respect to Ukraine or the OSCE or the Council of Europe or any
Written on K2_SatAMEETE_January+0200RJanAMEET_0C21547884253AM
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 18.01.2019    Russian forces invading Ukraine made an assault attempt near Donetsk, starting overnight on January 16-17. The attack was against Ukrainian defensive positions to the north-west of the Russian-occupied city of Donetsk. These Ukrainian fortifications lie between the village of Pisky and the settlement of Zhabunky. Ukrainian defenders targeted and destroyed the Russian column while it was being deployed.   Russian occupation forces in the Donetsk region of Ukraine are organized as the 1st Army Corps (the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”). This illegal armed formation in Ukraine started seven firefights in an extensive assault on Ukrainian positions in the Zhabunky-Pisky gap. Five times the enemy used automatic grenade launchers, large-calibre machine guns, and small arms. Twice the Russians used small arms only.   The press centre of the Joint Forces Operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that a Ukrainian soldier was wounded in action on January 17. The cautious assessment of Ukrainian military intelligence is that three invaders perished in the day’s assaults.   As reported by Dmitry Tymchuk of Information Resistance, the Russians were “inspired” by their anti-tank guided missile attack on a Ukrainian army truck near Troitske on January 16. That attack caused ten casualties among Ukrainian troops. This time, though, the attacking Russians were met by fierce defensive fire from the Ukrainian trenches. “The aggressor's transport was destroyed by oncoming fire,” wrote Tymchuk on social media. He went on to say: “According to preliminary data, 5 occupiers were destroyed, 3 more were wounded.”   The battle took place directly to the south-west of the runway of the ruined Donetsk airport. From the start of the Russian invasion of Donbas in April 2014 to the end of January 2015 a fierce battle was fought at Donetsk
Written on K2_FriPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21547812761PM
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 17.01.2019     Russian armed forces invading Donbas hit a Ukrainian supply truck on Wednesday. Ten soldiers from the Joint Forces Operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were wounded. This was a brazen and unprovoked attack by the Russians, made in violation of the Minsk Agreement ceasefire.   The 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade holds defensive positions east of the village of Troitske in Luhansk  region, 40 kilometres west of the Russian-occupied city of Luhansk. On January 16, two trucks providing food and water to the Troitske fortifications were attacked. Russian occupation forces fired an anti-tank guided missile at a Ural truck. The missile was fired from the direction of the village of Kalynova.   According to the commander of the 72nd Brigade, Ruslan Tatus, the missile struck a truck and hit soldiers unloading cargo. Ten Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously.   The driver of one of the trucks was quoted by Obozrevatel: “I just saw an explosion, gunpowder, black smoke. I did not immediately understand, then the blood went ... They were all near the truck and they were literally scattered. And I was near the truck on the other side, then I got a splinter in the neck.”   The Ukrainian military has been providing medical assistance to the wounded men, and evacuated them to hospitals.   The attack near Troitske happened on the 1,792nd day of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine.
Written on K2_ThuPMEETE_January+0200RJanPMEET_0C21547731868PM